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"Nearly one in five U.S. adults live with a mental illness."

Advanced Behavioral Health was created to meet the need that exists in the community related to behavioral health issues such as depression, anxiety, grief, and many others.  Through a partnership with Zandier Counseling Services, we are able to offer these remote counseling services to our patients as well as limited availability of services in the patient's home.  

Know and understand the 7 common warning signs of depression and anxiety so you can help yourself or your loved one. 


1. Feeling very sad and withdrawn for an extended amount of time. 

2. Risk-taking behavior. 

3. Feeling of being overwhelmed for no reason. 

4. Significant weight loss or weight gain. 

5.  Repeatedly using drugs and alcohol as a coping mechanism. 

6. Drastic changes in mood and personality. 

7. Unable to concentrate.



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Don Zandier is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist that specializes in working with individuals who suffer from trauma, emotional malnourishment, and maladaptive ways of coping. He also treats individuals who experience anxiety and depression, as well as those going through life transitions such as adjustment to illness, changes in schooling, divorce, and grief.


Don worked at South Hills Interfaith Ministries for 20 years before opening his current office in Bethel Park in 2006 where he practices alongside eight other providers  His approach to caring for his clients combines 35 years of talk therapy experience combined with 20 years of his own Energy Psychology application, Enlight which has proven to promote change related to long-term negative emotions and dysfunctional behaviors. 


Don received his undergraduate degree from Temple University and his Masters's from the University of Houston at Clear Lake.  In his free time, Don enjoys picking at his guitar, physical exercise, hunting, fishing, and spending time with family.


To learn more about the Zandier Counseling Practice please visit

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