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Caregiver Month

Every November we take time to recognize and appreciate caregivers. Caregivers are family members or paid members who regularly take care of the sick, elderly, or disabled loved ones in our lives. These caregivers dedicate on average, 40 hours a week or more to taking care of those in need. They become a friend and a "go to person” to those needing care. So, what exactly do caretakers do for the people receiving care?

Caregivers show love and support to those who struggle caring for themselves each and every day. They make them dinner, help them clean, help them get dressed when needed, give them medicine and that is only the beginning. These caregivers do everything and anything to help. Sometimes, when help is needed, it isn’t always received well. Not only is it hard for caregivers but it is hard on those being taken care of as well. They don’t always want to give up control for the fear of feeling helpless, and often times that gets taken out on caregivers.

Keeping this in mind, the next time you see a caregiver make sure to give them an extra thank you and show them your support. Their work can be tiring and tough but they love it. They grow strong relationships with the people they help and get to know them on a deeper level. They have rewarding work that allows them to see how their efforts have helped families and their loved ones. They dedicate their lives to helping others which is an amazing and rewarding thing to do. Thank you to all of our caregivers we know how hard you work and we appreciate everything you do.

Advanced Home Health is a local, family-owned, home health and home care provider located in Western PA, servicing Allegheny, Beaver, Butler, Lawrence, and Washington Counties.


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