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At Advanced Home Health, we use the most current technology to keep our patients safe and connected at home!

Remote Patient Monitoring

RPM is a comprehensive monitoring system that enables you to take your vitals at home and transmit the information over to our clinical team in real-time. The electronic information helps us to identify any risk factors that may emerge between clinical visits, providing you with the ultimate peace of mind from the comfort of home. 

Doctor Checking a Form

How Does it Work?

A hub console tablet will be place in your home with a blood pressure cuff, pulse oximeter and weight scale. You will use the equipment as instructed in your daily care plan. The information is then sent electronically to our team, who monitors readings as they come in.

Doctor Examining Patient

Remote Visits with your Physician!

What is it? 

It is a mobile platform for remote visits, messaging, and patient management that can be accessed on any smartphone, tablet, or computer. 

Who can use it? 

Any patient, family member, caregiver, clinician, physician, facility, etc., that has a patient or loved one that needs care.


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