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Day in the Life: Home Health Nurse

Did you know that nursing is the nation's largest healthcare profession? Within the past year, our country has been in need of nurses more than ever due to the COVID-19 pandemic. As we slowly turn the corner from the past year, we wanted to spotlight one of our nurses and all of the amazing work she is doing out in the field!


Hi Everyone! I am Tori Dedig. I graduated from West Virginia University with a bachelor's degree in 2019. While I was there, I focused my career on inpatient critical care. Soon after graduation, I started as a Registered Nurse (RN) on a medical stepdown floor at Allegheny General Hospital. Most recently, I started as a home health nurse with Advanced! Although I still pick up shifts at the hospital I really enjoy both sides of nursing. Home health nursing is especially enjoyable because you really get to know your patients! I love visiting them each week and seeing their growth both in health and independence.

My day usually starts the night before at 5 PM. I start to call my patients and schedule for the next day. I do this by keeping a log in my notebook so I can stay organized! I also use my notebook to keep track of patient-specific notes, such as making a call to the doctor, a change in medication, a need to order more wound care supplies, scheduling conflicts, and much more. Charting is crucial in home health because the patient is being seen by many different disciplines it is important that we are all on the same page.

The next morning I gather my supplies and make sure they are nice and clean to start the day! I usually head to see my first patient around 8:30 AM.

Today, I saw Dorothy first as she had an appointment scheduled to receive her first COVID vaccine this afternoon. She was very excited! I check-in on Dorothy as she is experiencing generalized weakness and some skin irritation. She is very motivated and determined to stay healthy. Her vitals were perfect today!

Next, I head over to the South Hills area where I see Rose and Richard. They have been married for 69 years and are a joy to be around. They are very determined to set goals related to their health and achieve them! They both overcame COVID in January and continue to improve daily.

They also participate in our Poetry Workshops with John C. who visits their senior living community once a month. They were able to contribute to the last poem by adding the lines "Yelling "Bingo" in a crowded hall" and "Caring and sharing things with each other." They love participating in the monthly poetry workshops!

They are pictured below holding the poem.

Here I am taking Rose's blood pressure and Richard is doing his daily deep breathing exercised while I listen to his lungs.

Rose also enjoys showing me her beautiful pictures that she creates as her favorite pastime activity.

Richard is always working on a new puzzle and loves to show me his progress.

Dorothy and Bill are also a couple and both patients with us. Dorothy has had trouble with blood pressure so we keep a close eye on her readings and document accordingly. She keeps a medical diary on her own as well to keep track of her readings!

Bill was in the hospital for COVID earlier this year and was eventually sent home with oxygen. We worked with him to increase activity, complete deep breathing exercises, and wean his oxygen levels down. He has been off of oxygen for over a month now, but that does not stop him from doing his breathing exercises. His vitals looked great today!

They also use a pillbox management system. It helps us organize medications to make sure they do not miss any doses during the week.

After each visit, I head home and start my documentation. I document my findings for each patient. The documentation includes a review of systems and any abnormal findings in the assessment. I also be sure to include daily vitals, pain, bowel movements, coordination of care, and education that I focused on for the day. After my documentation is completed, I'm done for the day!

I love having the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of others as a home health nurse! Thanks for following along during my day.


If you or someone you know would be interested in applying to be a home health nurse, please visit our Careers page at!


About Advanced Home Health

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