Heavy Lifting Tips

Tis the season of yummy holiday dinners and gathering around the table with family and loved ones. We know this holiday season may look a little different, but no matter how you are celebrating it is important to stay safe and healthy! Whether you celebrate the holidays with a turkey, ham, or another protein option, cooking can be taxing on your body. Check out the below tips from our physical therapist, Valerie F. on how to protect yourself from injury during this busy holiday season.

Lifting a turkey (holiday roast) out of the oven

1. Get as close to the oven as you safely can.

2. Descend into a hip-width squat with the buttocks out and back straight.

3. After pulling your turkey out bring the pan a safe close distance to you.

4. Lift by extending the legs keeping a straight back.

Note: Do not bend forward curving the back and slouching the shoulders, this position puts you at risk for an injury.

Once you have safely and properly pulled your turkey or holiday roast out of the oven, bring on the gravy!

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